Things You Need To Stop Doing on Social Media

Following on from our last blog post, looking at some common social media mistakes that we are all making, I thought we would look at a couple of things that you need to stop doing on social media.

Listening to so-called “Gurus”

We’ve all seen the posts promising to help us earn “six figures” if we sign up and do this and this…

The truth is, most “Gurus” are basing their expertise on their own experiences. Which is absolutely fine…for them. However, they are not YOU, and what works for you is 99.9% likely to be utterly different to what works for anyone else.

This might sound crazy, but there are so many factors that will impact your success: The type of person you are, the kind of content that you are comfortable making the type of people who make up your audience your customers engage with your content (this is different across every industry, location etc)

Just be yourself, create the content that you want to create (as long as it is relevant to your business), and your people will find you. Don’t worry if you put some people off – they were never your people to start with.

Blaming the Algorithm when Things “Fail”

We have all been there.

We’ve spent ages putting together a social media post; taking stunning photography, filming awesome videos, and then crafting the caption beyond perfection. We are convinced that this post will do really well, and then…


Hardly anyone engages with it, and we instantly assume that the algorithm is rigged against us.

The truth of the matter? The algorithm probably has absolutely nothing to do with it, or if it does, it’s only a small part of a wider picture.

There are so many reasons why a post might “fail”:People might not be online (sunny weather, for example, often draws people away from social media). It might have been the wrong time of day for the content (interestingly, I find that some content can gain more traction hours or even days after I posted them…strange, but true!)

An unpopular reason would also be that your content just didn’t hit the mark and this could be for any reason from bad imagery to literally anything.

Another aspect that can have a huge effect on content is also the fact that there are now so many businesses vying for everyone’s attention.

Apparently, the average person follows between 500 and 1,500 accounts on Instagram. Imagine if every single account posted, many posting several times a day…intertwined with sponsored posts and adverts…that is a lot of content that one person has to consume to get through everything.

Yes, the algorithms definitely don’t help matters, but they are not the only problem at play.

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