Social Media is a Minefield!

If you’re reading this blog post, you will have found me and joined MIG&C because of social media. It’s a huge part of business, and as much as it is a pain at times, we need to take it seriously and hence why you’ll be getting a few emails dedicated to it.

I don’t think anyone will disagree that social media is a minefield. So many people claim to be “experts”, but the truth is…I don’t even think Meta or any of the others, really have a clue how their own platforms work either.

So, I wanted to look at some of the mistakes that many of us make on social media, and how we can easily fix them.

Using Bad Images

  • Blurred images
  • Images that are the wrong dimensions
  • Images that have nothing to do with the caption.

These are all common mistakes small businesses make when sharing content, especially on Instagram where visuals are so important.
One of the biggest goals when choosing imagery (whether photographs or visuals) should always be to encourage your followers to want to re-share. So, you need to grab their attention, and give them something that they want to tell their friends and family about.
If you are using images that are out-of-focus or where important parts of information have been cut off, they’re probably not going to share. 

Overusing Video

I know everyone is telling you to use Reels, and if you genuinely enjoy making them, then absolutely keep doing them.

However, if you hate making videos, if you find them annoying, tedious or just a complete waste of your time – STOP. MAKING. THEM.

I’m being serious about this. It is honestly not worth it, if you are not enjoying making videos. You end up stressed out, the content you create probably won’t be as good as you’d like, and your audience WILL notice.

If you want to create Reels that much – consider hiring someone else to do them. Otherwise, it is absolutely 100% okay not to make reels.
It is better to have no videos on your feed, than ones that are “bad” or you just don’t feel passionate about.

Using AI for Captions

Captions can be a nightmare to write. I’m a writer, and even I struggled sometimes.

You want them to be interesting and engaging. You want them to speak to your audience. That’s not always an easy thing to write.

With the rise of AI, such as Chat GPT, it’s easy to understand why so many people are using it, and I am definitely not here to tell you not to. AI has its place, but using it to fully write captions should not be one of them.

Ignoring the ridiculous amount of emojis that it insists on putting in social media captions; Chat GPT removes everything that is human about captions – it removes your voice, your personality and your humility.

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