September Business Checklist

Forget New Year’s Resolutions. September is the perfect time for fresh starts and new beginnings for me!

I can only assume it’s connected to how long I spent in education. Still, I think it’s an excellent opportunity to reflect on the year so far, as we move into what is typically quite a chaotic period for most of us.

As such, I thought I would use September as the first opportunity to send out a monthly Business Checklist, which I hope you will find useful.

1. Finances

Let’s start with the one that most of us like to avoid. So, take this as a friendly reminder not to leave sorting out your finances until last minute. Get them sorted now, and then you can forget about them for a little while.

HMRC Tax Deadlines:

The current tax year runs from 6th April 2022 to 5th April 2023.

  • By 5th October, you need to inform the HMRC if you have never completed a tax return before.
  • Midnight 31st October is the deadline for submitting paper tax returns, so if you’re doing it by paper and haven’t completed it yet, now is the time to work on it.

If you have a habit of leaving your accounts until the end of the tax years, now is a good time to break the habit and start working on them, as we move closer to the half-way point in the Tax Year.

2. How is you year going?

As we move towards Q4 of 2023, now is a great time to look back at the goals you set out for your business back in January.

  • What goals have you achieved? Take some time to celebrate them
  • What goals haven’t you quite completed yet? Have a think about what you need to do to achieve them by the end of 2023. Remember to be kind…and realistic…with yourself.

3. Plan Ahead

Start thinking about what you want to achieve – with your business – in 2024. I know it’s still a long way until January, but we all know how quickly the months fly by.

You don’t have to implement anything, or een come up with any kind of solid plans. Just have a think and determine if there are any roots that you could be setting down now, to help you to make those 2024 goals a reality.

Monthly Admin Tasks

  • Send out all customer invoices
  • Review all sent invoices and chase any that remain unpaid
  • Pay all supplier invoices
  • Get up-to-date with your bookkeeping
  • Organise your receipts and any other business-related documents properly
  • Review your inventory: order anything that has been selling well, and maybe consider cutting back on anything that hasn’t been so popular. This works for services, just as much as it does for products.
  • Review your social media: What have people been engaging with? What have they been less interested in?
  • Plan your social media for the run-up to Christmas
  • Check for any emails you might have missed
  • Make sure you are making time to work on building your business up
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