Frequently Asked Questions about Mini Website Audits

You probably have a lot of questions about our Mini Website Audits, so I thought I would take some time to answer a few of them. I hope they help, however, if you do still have questions, then feel free to get in touch by sending me an email.

1. What is a Mini Website Audit?
A Mini Website Audit is a focused analysis of your website’s key performance metrics, user experience, design, and functionality. It provides valuable insights to identify areas for improvement.

2. Why do I need a Mini Website Audit?
A Mini Website Audit helps you understand how well your website is performing and highlights opportunities for enhancement. It can lead to improved user engagement, higher conversions, and a better online presence. The problem for most small businesses is that the way customers engage with our website isn’t necessarily how we think they do. So, an audit can help you to understand what perhaps isn’t working for your business. This allows you to make improvements to make the experience better for them.

3. What does the Mini Website Audit include?
Our audit covers areas such as:

  • Overall website appearance
  • Content Quality
  • Navigation and Usability
  • Contact Information Checks
  • Social Media Integrations.

You’ll receive actionable recommendations to address any identified issues.

4. How long does the audit process take?
The duration depends on the complexity of your website. Typically, a Mini Website Audit can be completed within a few days to a week.

5. Will I receive a detailed report?
Yes, you’ll receive a comprehensive report outlining the audit findings, areas for improvement, and specific action items to enhance your website’s performance.

6. Can I implement the recommendations myself?
Absolutely. My recommendations are designed to be actionable, even if you have limited technical expertise. However, if you prefer, I can assist you with implementation.

7. Is the audit package customisable?
No. This is a mini audit, and as such follows a structured process. If you would like to tailor your audit in a way that pushes the focus based on your specific goals and priorities, contact me to discuss creating a Full Website Audit.

8. How much does the Mini Website Audit cost?
The Mini Website Audit is normally £100, but whilst I launch the audits and get them right, I am offering them at a discounted rate of £50.

9. Will the audit disrupt my website’s performance?
No, the audit process is non-intrusive and won’t impact your live website. As this is a Mini Audit, I will not be digging into the backend of your website. This will be based on user experience/

10. How can I get started with a Mini Website Audit?
Ready to take the next steps to boost your business website, by booking a Mini Website Audit? Head on over to the Mini Website Audit page in the Shop, pop the Audit in your basket and you’ll be on your way 🙂